A Yellow Piece

I’d rather give you that one reason to smile

Than a 100 memoirs to shed a tear

So I walk with you a while

On the edge of the sear

Hold your hand and plunge in the deep

This bright yellow is for you to keep

It’s a midnight star from the sweetest sleep

‘Tis the brilliance of fire and peace of the earth

‘Tis a molten rock of a free-love’s worth

Take it as it was always yours

This one color of a shaded vibgyor


Harmless Little Lie


Harmless little lie
To keep the tie
But what if I find out
From Your Mail Box
That the little lie was a big one
When I’d Know What Got Us close
Was the Gap that Always Grows
Between love and life
When I’d Know
She Parted and I Toppled

So We traveled amazed
And on Your Way to Making Me Believe
That I was the Best Thing That Ever Happened
What if I found out that I was the Fool in Your Cards
To Play
When times were hard

What Would I really do?
What Could I really do?

I’d Not Say Goodbye
Would tell you a harmless little lie
That I never knew
All you didn’t say
And that Harmless little lie
Would keep the tie

13 Whiffs of Love


Love has a strange fragrance

Tamed it becomes restrictive
Flamed it becomes instinctive

Shared it becomes addictive
Felt it becomes absorptive

Compulsive it becomes repulsive
Reclusive it becomes delusive

Exclusive it becomes Elusive
Inclusive it becomes diffusive

Lost it becomes abusive
Penned it becomes abrasive

Neglected it becomes regressive
Damned it becomes corrosive

Given it becomes conclusive

The Last Lemon


When life gives you a lemon

Well, if life gives you a lemon at all

From where do these actually fall?

Anyhow, I got some showered upon me too

Though in count they were few

What did I do of these citrus blasts?

Ah! One I stepped on for my past

Another one was rather green

Not ripe, yet very sour

Pickle I thought

In a jar

As soon as I was going to get in one

I steered away my car!

Thank god… superstition saved me

As I flaunted a lemon-haar

I also got one in a margarita

Asked the waiter whether it’s fresh

He said: the lemon is

Once again, the lemon saved my soul

And my stomach too

Here is the story of the last one

I bought one from the hawker

To squeeze it in the eyes of a stalker

Now I don’t know whether it was the lemon or his eyes

For that last lemon I paid a heavy price!

The Sound of Touch

Touch has memories

Of a phrase stuck in your brain

That you’ve been trying to rhyme

…..On your guitar

Yet it all goes bizarre

Till you strike the chord once more


This time it is from before…

…Before she went to another land


The music was gone too


Your listeners are few


They say she is back in town

Your lyrical inspiration

Your scintillation

Won’t you like to go and meet her?

Shake a hand and greet her?

May be…

You get the lyrics back

She owes you at least that much

Will she allow your touch?

For touch has memories

……..Like a phrase stuck in your brain. 

Don’t Tell Me

Don’t tell me to slip in the black

Just to hide some flaws

or a stomach that can put any man’s potbelly to shame


Don’t tell me to give up on the sequins

For they add to my bold ways


Don’t tell me to drop the off-shoulder

Though they make me look a size bigger


I am not ashamed of my figure

And my skin for fashion is thicker


Don’t tell me to wear it long

For my second skin was always a thong!



(image courtesy: http://www.diefoto.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/top-fashion-plus-size-587×423.jpg)

New Year …Nothing New About It



It was gone in a flash

And so will this New Year Bash

Yester’s wishes still remain

Nonetheless, it’s an endless chain resolute for gold and gibberish

Once again it’s time to plan

Where from all of this began

Last year you thought of a better fortune ..

..you forgot better days, right?

Ah! That’s a year gone now –

And as always

It’s out of mind ..out of sight.